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Treating Thoracic Pain with Fusion Surgery

Pain and injury of the upper back, also called the thoracic spine, is uncommon but can cause you significant pain and discomfort when it does occur. If you’re suffering from upper back pain in ...
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When Should You Consider Spinal Surgery?

Spinal surgery is used to treat a variety of conditions that affect the back and neck. In many cases, your spine doctor will advise surgery only after non-surgical spinal solutions have failed to ...
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Football and Spine Injuries: Get the Facts

Are you a football player who is looking for an injured athlete specialist near Los Angeles, CA to find back or neck pain relief? If so, then you may be suffering from one of several common ...
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How Sciatica Affects Pregnant Women

Spine specialists frequently treat patients affected by sciatica, which is a common source of lower back pain and the need for spine pain relief in Los Angeles. If you are pregnant, you may be ...
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What Spine Injuries Are Most Common in Athletes?

Amateur and professional athletes alike subject their bodies to considerable stress from overtraining, repetitive movements, and abrupt impacts. Any part of the body can develop athletic injuries, ...
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Why Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Means Maximum Health

The decision to have any sort of spine surgery should not be taken lightly. All spinal surgeries at clinics in Los Angeles carry inherent risks, such as the risk of adverse reactions to the ...
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What to Expect Before, During, and After Spinal Injections

For minor spinal injuries such as back strain, oral pain relievers and a brief period of rest may be all that is needed to address symptoms. In more serious cases, patients might consider undergoing ...
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Herniated Discs 101

If you’ve visited a spine specialist because of persistent or severe back pain, you may have been diagnosed with a herniated disc. When you watch this video, you’ll see an animation of how ...
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Choosing a Treatment Plan for Thoracic Back Pain

The thoracic spine is the portion located in your upper back, between the cervical spine in your neck and the lumbar spine in your lower back. Pain in the thoracic spine is less common than back pain ...
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Tips for Preventing a Season-Ending Back Injury

Spinal injuries and back pain are significant risks in nearly every sport. For athletes, back injuries can be particularly troublesome because they often require lengthy recoveries. While your spine ...
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The Benefits of Non-Operative Spine Care Over Pain Medications

When most people start experiencing back pain, their natural reaction is to begin to take pain medications. If the problem persists and they visit a primary care provider, they may be prescribed ...
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Differentiating Between Disc Conditions

When you see a spine specialist, he or she will begin treatment by determining the exact nature of your problem. For many people, back pain is the result of a disc disease, such as a bulging disc, ...
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Spotlight on Dr. Navid Ziran

Experienced in treating critically injured patients and sports injuries in Los Angeles, Dr. Navid M. Ziran is a board-certified orthopaedic surgeon at the Marina Spine Center, which offers spine ...
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Don't Suffer with Back Pain

For people suffering from lower back pain in Los Angeles, relief can seem out of reach. Many assume that if diagnosed with certain conditions, such as arthritis of the spine, that their options are to ...
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Non-Surgical Treatments for Back Pain and Injuries

Back pain can be an extreme burden and detract from many aspects of your day to day life. Often, people considering back injury treatment in Los Angeles don’t realize that there are treatment ...
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A Look at Ligament Injuries in the Back

There are many causes of back pain and, luckily, some conditions can be treated easily and non-invasively by a spine specialist. For people suffering from back pain or back spasms in Los Angeles, the ...
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Common Symptoms of Back Problems

Back pain, neck pain, and back spasms are common symptoms of spinal problems. Watch this video to learn more about these symptoms—and find out how a spine doctor in Los Angeles can help. A spine ...
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Conservative vs. Surgical Spine Care

Spine specialists in Los Angeles offer numerous treatments to improve back pain and spinal health. Back pain, neck pain, and lower back pain all have many different causes. To have the best possible ...
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Get to Know Dr. Timothy Harsthorn

Dr. Timothy Harsthorn is a spine specialist at Marina Spine Center. Dr. Harsthorn provides a wide range of back and neck surgeries and services. Dr. Harsthorn has been a spine specialist and ...
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Preventing a Recurrent Herniated Disc

If you have recurrent disc herniation, undergoing spine surgery in Los Angeles may be necessary. A herniated disc is one of the most common problems a spine specialist treats. Also known as a slipped ...
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Comparing Back Injuries

After suffering from a back injury, it’s important to seek treatment in Los Angeles. Without treatment, your injury can worsen, and can significantly affect your work and personal life. When you ...
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Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment of a Torn Back Ligament

A torn back ligament can cause severe back spasms and upper back pain or lower back pain in Los Angeles. A spine specialist at a spine and pain center near you can provide swift treatment for your ...
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Meet Dr. Edward Nomoto

Dr. Edward Nomoto is one of our incredibly talented and experienced spine specialists at our spine and pain center in Los Angeles. At Marina Spine Center, we are committed to hiring only the best and ...
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Spotlight on Spondylosis

If you’re concerned that you’re suffering from a spinal condition like spondylosis, you should visit a spine specialist in Los Angeles as soon as possible. Spondylosis causes degeneration ...
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Hear Our Chief of Staff Describe the Benefits of Care at Marina Del Ray Hospital

At Marina Del Ray Hospital, we provide acute medical services, 24-hour emergency care, and a state of the art spine and pain center in Los Angeles. Our Chief of Staff, Dr. Daniel Marcus, is crucial to ...
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