Treatment for Spinal Diseases in Marina del Rey

At Marina Spine Center, we provide effective treatment for a wide array of spinal diagnoses. Your back pain is most likely due to one or more spinal diseases, which may require surgery. Before you panic, you should know that due to the technology used at Marina Spine Center, spine surgery is simpler than it’s ever been, and with our minimally invasive techniques, recovery time can be diminished greatly.

Marina Spine Center is proud to boast the largest team of spine experts in the region. Our surgical team combines expertise and experience with cutting-edge minimally invasive surgical techniques to provide effective remedies for patients like you suffering from spine diseases. Here are the conditions, common and uncommon, that we treat through surgical procedures at our fully equipped spine center.

Cervical Spine Conditions

The cervical part of the spine is the upper portion between the shoulder blades up to the neck area, also called the c-spine. Damage to the cervical spine can come from trauma in the neck region, as well as several other types of dysfunctions. Cervical spine injuries can often hide themselves by causing pain or numbness in other parts of the body because of the spine’s integral part in the central nervous system. This means that when you feel any numbness or tingling, you should see a spinal specialist, because the culprit may be an issue with the upper spine.

Because the discs and vertebrae in this portion of the spine are smaller, disc issues are common, including abnormalities called slipped, bulging, or herniated discs. Other issues with the upper spine can come from age, called degenerative conditions. Here are the cervical spine diseases that we treat at Marina Spine Center:

Thoracic Spine Conditions

The area of the spine that we call the thoracic spine encompasses the area of the upper back below the neck. Here, discs and vertebrae are slightly larger, but are still prone to disease, especially over the course of a patient’s life.

Most back pain is related to the thoracic spine or lower. People with chronic or acute back pain often try to learn to live with it, which, if the condition is serious enough, may cause it to worsen. If you’re experiencing back pain that persists, make an appointment with the experts at Marina Spine Center. Here are the thoracic spine diseases we treat at our cutting-edge facility:

Lumbar Spine Conditions

The lumbar is the portion of the spine that runs through the lower back to the tailbone at the end of the spinal cord. The most common cause of pain in the lower back is not a spinal condition, but rather muscle pain resulting from sitting in an uncomfortable position for an extended period of time or something similar. However, this doesn’t mean you should ignore lumbar pain if it persists, because it can also be more serious.

The reason why it’s important to diagnose lumbar spine conditions as quickly as possible is the number of functional movements the lower back plays a part in. Lumbar conditions can prove extremely problematic in terms of the pursuit of normal motion, so discerning between a lumbar spine disease and basic muscle injury is important. Here are the lumbar conditions we treat at Marina Spine Center:

When you need expert care from a team you trust, look no further than Marina Spine Center in Marina del Rey. Our team of spinal surgeons can provide reliable diagnoses and the best treatment you could ask for.

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