What Are Some Non-Surgical Solutions for Back Pain?

Although spine surgery can be the best way to address some types of back pain, it isn’t the solution for every patient. Non-operative options may provide better results than spine surgery for some patients. Your spine surgeon serving Los Angeles can help you decide what treatment approach is best for you.

Two common types of non-surgical treatments for back pain are physical therapy and spinal injections. Physical therapy focuses on building the muscles that support the spine and helping patients find comfortable positions that ease spine pain caused by conditions like herniated discs and pinched nerves. Spinal injections involve the use of anti-inflammatory steroids and numbing medications to ease back pain. These medications can be injected directly into the site of the pain so that symptoms are eased while the body heals itself. If these non-invasive back pain treatments are successful, spine surgery is generally not necessary.

Non-Surgical Treatments Los Angeles

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