Solutions for Your Thoracic Back Pain

Thoracic back pain affects the upper and the middle back and extends a little bit past the shoulder blades. The thoracic spine connects the cervical spine and the lumbar spine and can experience muscular problems, joint dysfunction, herniated discs, arthritis, and vertebral fractures that all lead to varying levels of pain. Keep reading to find out how you and your spinal surgeon serving Los Angeles can reduce and possibly eliminate your thoracic pain:

There are both minimally invasive and traditional procedures that can target pain in this part of the spine. A discectomy, laminotomy, a fusion, a laminectomy, or a kyphoplasty can be performed to fix issues that are causing pain in the thoracic spine. The kind of thoracic issue you are experiencing will affect the type of treatment you will need to fix it.

If you have issues in your upper or middle back, it is important to schedule a consultation with a spine doctor in your area. After a thorough exam, the doctor can determine the best solution for your specific pain issues.

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