Common Sports Injuries That Affect the Spine

Athletes demand a lot from their bodies in every training session, practice, and game. Through added physical stress, athletes at all levels may suffer from injuries to the spine that cause serious pain and discomfort. While spine injuries can keep you off the field, you can speed up your recovery by consulting an orthopedic physician specializing in sports medicine and spine surgery in Los Angeles. With the right care, you can receive an accurate diagnosis and care that will promote a successful return to the game following the common conditions discussed below. When

Sports Injuries in Los Angeles

surgery is necessary, minimally-invasive procedures will ensure a faster return to play with optimal strength and mobility.

Disc injury
Heavy lifting, sudden twisting, and impact injuries can lead to disc injuries in which one of the spinal discs move out of place or bulges outward. Disc injuries in the lower spine might improve while lying down or bending over, since the positions take pressure off the spinal nerves from the protruding disc. A herniated or slipped disc may be treated with a variety of modalities—including chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy, and spinal decompression.

Muscle and ligament sprains
There are many muscles that directly surround and support the spine as well as a number of connective tissues like ligaments and tendons. Overstretching these tissues through repetitive motions, poor posture, or lack of conditioning might lead to pain and stiffness that will respond positively to a guided exercise program following sufficient rest.

Pinched nerves
A pinched nerve or stinger is an injury in which one of the nerves in the neck or shoulder is compressed or overstretched. This injury is characterized by painful shooting sensations in one of the arms, which is often only temporary. Because symptoms can clear up spontaneously, athletes may neglect proper treatment, thus risking a recurring injury.