What Types of Injections Are Used to Treat Back Pain?

Back pain can be debilitating, and may prevent you from participating in your normal daily activities. A spine specialist at a spine and pain center in Los Angeles can offer you non-operative spine care like spinal injections to quickly, safely, and effectively relieve your back pain. Here is a look at the different types of spinal injections recommended for back pain and back injury treatment.

Epidural Steroid Injections
Your spine specialist may recommend an epidural injection of anti-inflammatory steroids if you suffer from lower back pain and sciatica. Before administering the epidural, your spine doctor will numb your skin with a local anesthetic, and Spine and Pain Center in Los Angeles will use a fluoroscope to guide the needle into the nerve root. The procedure is pain-free, and only takes about fifteen to thirty minutes. You may need to return to your spine and pain center every four to six weeks for additional injections.

Nerve Root Injections
Another common lower back pain or back injury treatment is nerve root injections. Nerve root injections utilize both anti-inflammatory steroids and lidocaine to provide back pain relief. Your spine doctor may utilize nerve root injections to determine which nerve is the source of your lower back pain and sciatica. The lidocaine numbs the nerve root to relieve pain, and the steroid reduces the inflammation and pain that is caused by the pressure on the nerve root. Your spine doctor will administer a local anesthetic prior to your nerve root injection. The entire procedure takes around fifteen to twenty minutes, and most patients report immediate back pain relief that lasts for several months.

Facet Joint Injections
Facet joints are located along the spinal cord, between each set of vertebrae. The tissues around your facet joints can become inflamed and swollen, causing upper back pain or lower back pain. Facet joint injections consist of a local anesthetic and steroid, and are administered by a spine doctor directly into the facet joint in a ten to fifteen minute procedure. Back pain relief is immediate, and can last for several months.

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