• Understanding Stem Cells and PRP Treatments

    Spine specialists in Los Angeles commonly use PRP treatments, or platelet rich plasma treatments, and stem cell injection therapy to treat spinal injuries and back pain. PRP treatments require your spine doctor to take blood from your veins, concentrate the platelets, and inject the platelets back into the injured part of the body. Stem cell injection therapy is more advanced, and can differentiate into new tissue that is lost, and stimulate the body’s repair response.

    Watch this video to learn more about stem cell injection and PRP treatments. Your spine doctor may recommend stem cell injection if you suffer from a degenerative or chronic disease, and PRP treatments if you are suffering from sudden back pain due to a back injury or spine injury.

  • What to Expect During an Epidural Injection

    Spine specialists in Los Angeles recommend epidural injections to treat a range of spinal injuries and sports injuries. Epidural injections are an incredibly safe and effective form of neck pain, lower back pain, and back injury treatment. If you’re considering visiting a spine doctor for an epidural injection, take a look at what you can expect during the procedure.

    Prior to the Injection
    A spine doctor at a spine and pain center will administer your epidural injection while you are lying flat on a table. If this position is uncomfortable or increases your back pain or lower back pain, you may be able to sit up

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    during the injection, or lie on your side. Be sure to speak up and let your spine doctor know if you experience pain or discomfort at any point during your back injury treatment. Before administering your epidural injection, your spine specialist will clean the injection area, and then numb it with a local anesthetic.

    During the Injection Process
    The spine specialist will use fluoroscopy (a live X-ray) to guide a needle into your skin and towards your epidural space. When the needle is in the proper position, your spine doctor will inject a contrast solution that will confirm that the epidural injection will be directed to the appropriate area. Next, your spine doctor will inject the epidural steroid solution very slowly. You may experience a feeling of pressure, but you should not feel any pain. After the injection, your spine doctor will monitor you for fifteen to twenty minutes to ensure that you do not experience any adverse reactions.

    Success Rate and Recovery After the Injection
    You may experience tenderness at the injection site after your injection, but this can be treated with ice packs and anti-inflammatory pain medication. You can usually resume your normal daily activities 24 hours after your back injury treatment. You may require a series of multiple injections for up to a year to maintain your back pain relief. The results of an epidural injection can last between one week and one year.

  • Get Fast Relief of for Your Back Pain with Minimally Invasive Procedures

    If you’re suffering from a spine injury in Los Angeles , a spine and pain center can provide non-operative spine care and minimally invasive spinal surgery. Minimally invasive spine surgery is less risky, has a shorter recovery time, and causes less post-surgery pain than traditional spine surgery.

    A spine surgeon can perform minimally invasive spinal surgery using an endoscope, microscope, and a special retractor. This ensures that a very small incision can be made while still maintaining incredible precision and accuracy. Because of the tools that are used, minimally invasive spine surgery causes much less damage to your muscles and surrounding tissue than other forms of spine surgery would.

    A less invasive procedure that causes less damage typically results in a shorter recovery time for you. Many patients experience very little post-spine surgery pain. Minimally invasive surgery also facilitates an increase in post-spine surgery spinal function over the long term, and patients are less likely to experience a recurrence of back pain.

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