Get Fast Relief of for Your Back Pain with Minimally Invasive Procedures

If you’re suffering from a spine injury in Los Angeles , a spine and pain center can provide non-operative spine care and minimally invasive spinal surgery. Minimally invasive spine surgery is less risky, has a shorter recovery time, and causes less post-surgery pain than traditional spine surgery.

A spine surgeon can perform minimally invasive spinal surgery using an endoscope, microscope, and a special retractor. This ensures that a very small incision can be made while still maintaining incredible precision and accuracy. Because of the tools that are used, minimally invasive spine surgery causes much less damage to your muscles and surrounding tissue than other forms of spine surgery would.

A less invasive procedure that causes less damage typically results in a shorter recovery time for you. Many patients experience very little post-spine surgery pain. Minimally invasive surgery also facilitates an increase in post-spine surgery spinal function over the long term, and patients are less likely to experience a recurrence of back pain.

Spine Surgery in Los Angeles