• Hear Our Chief of Staff Describe the Benefits of Care at Marina Del Ray Hospital

    At Marina Del Ray Hospital, we provide acute medical services, 24-hour emergency care, and a state of the art spine and pain center in Los Angeles . Our Chief of Staff, Dr. Daniel Marcus, is crucial to our success as a small community hospital.

    Watch this video to hear Dr. Marcus discuss the benefits of receiving care at Marina Del Ray hospital. You will also hear from patients who have received care at the hospital. We pride ourselves on being renowned for our highly focused specialty care and use of advanced technology.

  • An Athlete’s Guide to Protecting the Spine

    If you’re an athlete, it’s important that you take care to avoid suffering from athletic spinal injuries in Los Angeles . A spine specialist at a spine and pain center near you can advise you on how to avoid sports injuries, spinal injuries, and spinal cord injuries. Here is an athlete’s guide to protecting the spine while working out, training, or playing sports.

    Warm Up Appropriately Before Physical Activity
    When you stretch and warm up before you engage in physical activity, you make your muscles, tendons, and ligaments more flexible and relaxed. This prevents strains, sprains, and tears that can result from tight muscles, and can also Athletic Spinal Injuries in Los Angeles improve your performance and prevent sports injuries. You should stretch slowly, and hold each stretch for ten to thirty seconds without bouncing. You should stretch each muscle and limb for the same amount of time for best results. You can also take a brisk walk prior to beginning your workout to further stretch your muscles.

    Use the Right Equipment and Gear
    It’s crucial that you use equipment and gear that is appropriate for your physical activity and skill level. If you’re participating in contact sports, or an activity that puts you at risk for a spinal injury or spinal cord injury, you must wear protective gear. This gear may include helmets, mouth guards, face guards, neck rolls, and protective pads. Repetitive stress to the feet and legs can cause lower back pain, so it’s important to also wear the correct shoes for your athletic activity. Your shoes should fit well and provide the appropriate amount of support.

    Don’t Overdo It
    Many sports injuries can occur as a result of pushing yourself beyond your limits. Pay attention to the signals that your body is sending you, and stop before you injure yourself. You can rest for short periods of time during physical activity to allow your muscles time to recover. You can also try cross training to work different muscles at different times to reduce your risk of a sports injury.

  • Planning for Your Cervical Spine Surgery Recovery

    When your spine doctor recommends cervical spine surgery near Los Angeles , it’s important that you follow his pre-surgery advice. Spine surgery may be necessary if you have suffered from a cervical spine injury or a cervical herniated disc. Your spine specialist should also give you a good idea of what the spine surgery procedure and recovery process will be like.

    If your spine doctor specializes in minimally invasive spine surgery, your recovery period will be much shorter and less painful. You may need to remain in the hospital for a few days after your spine surgery to ensure that you’re healing properly. Your spine doctor will prescribe medication that will help you manage any pain and discomfort that you experience. He may also provide you with a brace to reduce mobility and pain.

    You will begin physical therapy a couple of days after your spinal surgery. Your physical therapist will recommend exercises that you can do at home to restore strength and mobility. If you carefully follow the instructions of your spine doctor and physical therapist, you should be able to resume your normal daily activities in a few days or weeks.

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  • A Look at Facet Joint Injections

    Your spine doctor may recommend that you receive facet joint injections if you’re suffering from chronic back spasms, neck pain, or back pain in Los Angeles . Facet joint injections are safe, virtually pain free, and can provide

    Back Pain in Los Angeles

    almost immediate relief from back pain. Keep reading to learn more about the facet injection procedure.

    Prior to Your Facet Joint Injection
    Before you undergo a facet joint injection, you’ll need to meet with a spine specialist or spine doctor at a spine and pain center near you to determine if the treatment is appropriate for your symptoms. Your spine doctor will perform a physical examination, take your medical history, evaluate your symptoms, and perform diagnostic testing. This testing may include taking digital images or x-rays of your spine to diagnose the root cause of your back pain or neck pain. If he determines that facet joint injections will effectively reduce or eliminate your pain, he will schedule an appointment for the treatment.

    The Facet Joint Injection Procedure
    When you return to your spine and pain center for a facet joint injection, your spine doctor may administer a mild sedative to help you relax during the procedure. Your spine doctor will treat your skin with a numbing anesthetic, and will then insert a fluoroscope, or x-ray guidance, to guide a small needle into your facet joint. He will then inject contrast dye into the joint to ensure that the needle is in the exact right place. After this, he will inject a mixture of an anesthetic and an anti-inflammatory medication into your joint.

    After a Facet Joint Injection
    After your procedure, you’ll remain in the recovery area of your spine and pain center for about 20-30 minutes. Your spine specialist may ask you to perform activities that would normally result in back pain or neck pain. You should notice pain relief about a week after the injection, at which point you can resume your normal activities. If you experience significant pain relief, your spine doctor may recommend that you return three times per year for further injections.