• Spotlight on Dr. Navid Ziran

    Experienced in treating critically injured patients and sports injuries in Los Angeles , Dr. Navid M. Ziran is a board-certified orthopaedic surgeon at the Marina Spine Center, which offers spine surgery, spinal decompression, and back injury treatment. He was trained by the developer of anterior approach hip replacement. Dr. Ziran has been published numerous times, contributing his work on anterior approach hip replacement to several medical publications. Currently, he is conducting clinical research on both periacetabular osteotomy and anterior approach total hip replacement outcomes.

    Dr. Ziran completed a fellowship in orthopaedic traumatology which specializes in treating critically injured patients. These patients are commonly injured in accidents such as high-speed vehicle collisions, and typically suffer multiple injuries or complete fractures of the legs, arms, pelvis, and hip joints. Dr. Ziran’s second fellowship focused on repairing complex injuries of the pelvic bone or hip joint (pelvic/acetabular reconstruction), anterior approach hip replacement (anterior approach total hip arthroplasty), and treating dysplasia in patients by re-orienting the acetabulum (periacetabular osteotomy).

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  • Don’t Suffer with Back Pain

    For people suffering from lower back pain in Los Angeles , relief can seem out of reach. Many assume that if diagnosed with certain conditions, such as arthritis of the spine, that their options are to have spine surgery or to live with pain. Watch this video if you suffer from back pain and are curious about your treatment options.

    Although not all forms of back pain can be treated successfully, there are several non-operative spine care solutions that can provide relief from back pain for patients. Arthritis in the back is often treatable, and there are exercises and regimens that can help patients learn how not to provoke their back pain, and to strengthen their body so that they can maintain an active lifestyle.

  • Non-Surgical Treatments for Back Pain and Injuries

    Back pain can be an extreme burden and detract from many aspects of your day to day life. Often, people considering back injury treatment in Los Angeles don’t realize that there are treatment options available to them that don’t involve surgery. Non operative spine care provides patients suffering from back pain with a less invasive approach for treatment.

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    Physical Therapy

    When pain or health problems make it difficult for a patient to perform everyday tasks, doctors often prescribe physical therapy. This type of treatment is designed to make these tasks easier and is often used for patients who have suffered injuries. Physical therapy can help patients with back pain manage their discomfort. Employing exercises that help relieve pressure on your spinal nerves, train your body to maintain better posture, and build your flexibility and strength, physical therapy provides patients with a non-surgical treatment option for back pain.

    Spinal Decompression

    Non-surgical spinal decompression is a back pain treatment that gently stretches the spine to relieve pressure. By taking some of the pressure off of the spinal disks, which are the soft tissues in between the vertebrae, back pain can be reduced. Spinal decompression is a common treatment for conditions such as herniated discs, which are sometimes able to retract back into position as the spine is stretched.

    Spinal Injections

    By inserting medications directly into the spine, spinal injections can offer relief for people suffering from back pain or injury. Steroidal injections are often used to reduce inflammation in the spinal tissues, and numbing medications can be injected to address the pain directly. Spinal injections take effect quickly and are helpful for patients that are also being treated with physical therapy, allowing them to perform their exercises with less pain. Prescription pain medications can provide temporary relief for back pain sufferers, but these alone aren’t a recommended treatment option. Pain medications can be habit-forming and don’t address the underlying issue that is causing the pain.

  • A Look at Ligament Injuries in the Back

    There are many causes of back pain and, luckily, some conditions can be treated easily and non-invasively by a spine specialist. For people suffering from back pain or back spasms in Los Angeles , the cause of their discomfort may be an injured ligament. Made of tough, gristle-like tissue, ligaments support and surround your joints.

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    Ligament Injuries

    Frequently seen in athletes, ligament injuries are caused when a ligament is torn or immobilized after overstretching a muscle. Called lumbosacral sprains or strains, this type of injury causes the surrounding muscles to spasm as a way of protecting the tissues from further damage. Ligament injuries typically occur after physical trauma to the area. Back sprain, a common cause of lower back pain, is caused by damaged or stretched ligaments in the pelvis.

    Causes of Ligament Injuries

    People are sometimes surprised to learn that poor posture can result in severe ligament damage. After standing for long periods, people typically begin to slouch forward unconsciously. This causes strain on the ligaments in your back and pelvis. Over time, this way of coping with fatigue can stretch and damage the ligaments, preventing them from properly controlling our joints. Another common source of ligament injury is overuse of our backs in the workplace. For people who consistently bend, lift objects, or twist their backs, over-stretching of the ligaments and back sprain can result.

    Ligament Injury Prevention

    While work and posture are both common culprits, sports and physical activities are a primary cause of injury to ligaments. Using proper technique and protective gear offer a great defense against injuries of this kind, as well as warming up and stretching prior to engaging in athletic activity. Maintaining a healthy weight is another way of protecting our ligaments from strain and injury. When somebody is carrying excess weight on his frame, the body compensates by arching forward. This promotes abnormal posture, which puts added strain on ligaments in the back and pelvis. Your spine specialist is likely to recommend stretching and exercising properly to help prevent these conditions and ligament injury.