• Spotlight on Dr. Navid Ziran

    Experienced in treating critically injured patients and sports injuries in Los Angeles , Dr. Navid M. Ziran is a board-certified orthopaedic surgeon at the Marina Spine Center, which offers spine surgery, spinal decompression, and back injury treatment. He was trained by the developer of anterior approach hip replacement. Dr. Ziran has been published numerous times, contributing his work on anterior approach hip replacement to several medical publications. Currently, he is conducting clinical research on both periacetabular osteotomy and anterior approach total hip replacement outcomes.

    Dr. Ziran completed a fellowship in orthopaedic traumatology which specializes in treating critically injured patients. These patients are commonly injured in accidents such as high-speed vehicle collisions, and typically suffer multiple injuries or complete fractures of the legs, arms, pelvis, and hip joints. Dr. Ziran’s second fellowship focused on repairing complex injuries of the pelvic bone or hip joint (pelvic/acetabular reconstruction), anterior approach hip replacement (anterior approach total hip arthroplasty), and treating dysplasia in patients by re-orienting the acetabulum (periacetabular osteotomy).

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  • Conservative vs. Surgical Spine Care

    Spine specialists in Los Angeles offer numerous treatments to improve back pain and spinal health . Back pain, neck pain, and lower back pain all have many different causes. To have the best possible prognosis, it is essential to visit a spine doctor to discuss your treatment options as soon as you first experience pain or discomfort. While back pain from a pinched nerve or pulled muscle may require little more than rest, some spinal injuries require surgery. Read on to learn the differences between conservative and surgical care. question-of-spine-surgery-or-not

    Identifying Pain

    When a spine specialist considers your options for conservative and surgical care, he or she will first attempt to determine the root cause of your back pain. Of course, if you have suffered a major spinal injury, the cause will be immediately clear. However, in some cases, a spine doctor cannot determine why you are uncomfortable or in pain. Physicians prefer conservative treatments to spine surgery in cases where spine pain has no clear cause.

    Considering Therapy

    If you still have bowel control and your spinal pain is not debilitating, a spine doctor may recommend therapeutic options to ease your symptoms. For example, for those who suffer from lower back pain, physical therapy exercises can strengthen the lower back and abdominal muscles. Spinal injections can also ease pain and inflammation. Spinal injections are highly effective in delivering immediate pain relief and only target the specific areas of the spine that are inflamed.

    Electing Surgery

    Spine surgery may be necessary to provide lifelong pain relief. Fortunately, spine doctors now offer many minimally invasive surgical options. With new developments in surgical techniques, physicians can precisely target only the injured tissues. Without damage to your surrounding healthy tissue, you can expect a shorter recovery and faster pain relief. In some cases, spine surgery can ensure a patient’s long-term spinal function.