• The Benefits of Non-Operative Spine Care Over Pain Medications

    When most people start experiencing back pain, their natural reaction is to begin to take pain medications. If the problem persists and they visit a primary care provider, they may be prescribed additional pain medicines to control their symptoms. However, pain medications eventually prove to not be enough for the vast majority of patients. When your back pain doesn’t respond to pain medications, non-operative spine care in Los Angeles could be the answer. Here is why pain medicines are often insufficient and how non-operative treatments can help.


    The Problem with Pain Medication

    Pain medications often provide an initial level of relief for people experiencing back pain. Over time, however, they often lose their effectiveness, either because your body has become accustomed to the medication or because the spinal injury that is the cause of the pain has worsened. Because the medication is not relieving your pain sufficiently anymore, you may begin to take it more frequently. This behavior can lead to a dangerous pain medication dependency. Further, because pain medications only mask the symptoms, the root cause of your back pain is not being addresses. Your back pain may become chronic and your injury can become more severe without the proper treatment.

    Non-Operative Spine Care Solutions

    Your spine specialist can use non-operative techniques to both control your pain and address the cause. Spinal injections combine anti-inflammatory steroids and numbing medications to calm inflammation and block pain. These injections are targeted specifically to the region of the spine that is affected, so you get more precise pain management without using a medication that impacts you systemically. To address the cause of your back pain, a physical therapy program can be designed to meet your specific needs. Therapy involves stretches and exercises that ease pressure on the nerves in your spine and to rebuild strength. Hot and cold therapy may also be used to reduce inflammation and boost the body’s natural healing mechanisms. Because these solutions do more than temporarily hide your pain, they offer more sustainable solutions without the risk of dependency or overdose.

  • How Kyphoplasty Works

    Spine surgeons serving Los Angeles provide a wide range of minimally invasive procedures to target spinal issues that might be causing pain. Kyphoplasty is used to treat compression fractures in the spine to aid healing. Keep reading to learn more about the procedure:

    A spinal compression fracture means that a vertebral bone has partially or completely collapsed. The kyphoplasty procedure involves the introduction of a cement-like material into the affected area to strengthen it enough to heal.

    If your doctor opts for this kind of treatment, he or she will insert a needle into the affected area and use real-time X-rays to find the correct location. The doctor then inflates a small balloon in the bone to get the vertebrae back to its original height before injecting the cement-like material to stabilize the bone. Once the procedure is complete, most patients can walk, but typically are instructed to rest in bed for 24 hours. Many patients can expect to resume normal activities about 6 weeks after the procedure.

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