• What Type of Pain is Caused by a Herniated Disc?

    If you’re suffering from neck pain, lower back pain, or sciatica in Los Angeles , you may wonder if you have a herniated disc. Herniated discs can be caused by a combination of age-related degeneration of the discs in the spinal cord, and spinal injuries in the cervical or lumbar spine.

    Watch this video to learn more about the symptoms of a herniated disc caused by spinal injury. A herniated disc puts pressure on the sciatic nerve, causing sciatica symptoms that include radiating pain throughout the arm or leg, and a weakness, numbness, or tingling in the muscle.

  • A Brief Overview of Microscopic Foraminotomy

    If non-operative spine care proves to be an unsuccessful treatment for neck pain and sciatica caused by foraminal stenosis, your spine doctor may recommend that you undergo microscopic foraminotomy, a minimally invasive spine surgery in Los Angeles . Foraminal stenosis is a condition that occurs when a nerve in the cervical spinal cord is compressed, usually due to a herniated disc or disc degeneration. Microscopic foraminotomy is a successful form of spine surgery that is a more conservative neck pain treatment than a spinal fusion procedure.

    Your spine doctor will perform microscopic foraminotomy using an operating microscope, which he will insert through a very small incision in your neck. He will then relieve the pressure on your nerve root by removing the bone spur, disc, or portion of the facet joint that is affected.

    You will be encouraged to get up and move around a few hours after their spine surgery, and your spine doctor will give you instructions about when you can resume your normal daily activities. After your spine surgery, you should regain spinal cord function, hand function, and relief of neck pain and sciatica.

    Spine Surgery in Los Angeles

  • Spinal Stenosis at a Glance

    Spinal stenosis can occur in the spinal cord at the lower back or the neck. When it affects the lower back, it is called lumbar stenosis. When stenosis affects the neck, it is called cervical stenosis. Lumbar stenosis is more common, but cervical stenosis is more dangerous because it can cause compression of the upper spinal cord, potentially leading to serious problems with the nervous system. Spinal stenosis can be diagnosed and treated by a Los Angeles spinal surgeon .

    Watch this video to learn more about spinal stenosis. A physical therapist discusses the causes, symptoms, and treatment options for the condition. If you suffer from spinal stenosis symptoms, you should visit a spine center near you for treatment as soon as possible.