• Stress Fractures in the Spine

    A stress fracture can occur in the spine due to excessive or aggressive exercise, often when playing sports. Stress fractures are commonly seen in athletes who play football or participate in gymnastics, javelin throwing, or weightlifting. An athlete with persistent back pain may be given a bone scan, X-ray, or MRI to determine if he or she is suffering from a stress fracture. If you’re suffering from a stress fracture in Los Angeles , continue reading for more information.

    The first treatment method that a spine center will recommend for a stress fracture in the spine is rest. You will be encouraged to cease strenuous activity and to perform certain stretching exercises to ease your pain. Your doctor may advise you to take ibuprofen or another type of medication for your pain.

    If conservative treatment fails, your spinal surgeon may recommend spine surgery. Your surgeon may insert a screw across part of your vertebrae, and use a bone graft to aid in healing. As there are a few different spinal surgery techniques that may be used to treat stress fractures, your spinal surgeon will explain each procedure thoroughly to help you make a decision.

    Stress Fracture in Los Angeles