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If you experience chronic neck pain, you may need to see a specialist. Having chronic neck pain is usually due to having a soft tissue sprain, such as the sprain of a ligament or tendon, or a muscle strain. These injuries can also be caused by whiplash or another form of sudden force.

Often, one hopes that the pains will improve with light medication and over time without surgery. Sometimes this is the case, but unfortunately, sometimes the neck pain continues or worsens. If your neck pain has worsened and you believe you may need surgery, it’s likely time to look into a surgical or treatment center, such as Marina Spine Center.

How does cervical pain affect you?

When the spinal cord has become constricted, other parts of your body can be affected. Numbness and arm pain are also signs that a specific condition exists requiring treatment. You may also experience muscle weakness, tingling, difficulty walking, or even numbness in your extremities. Someone who suffers from cervical spinal stenosis can also suffer various symptoms, including: severe headaches, loss of balance, numbness and tingling in your arms, and severe pain in your neck and arms.

What do we do for cervical (neck) pain?

We have many different forms of treatment for neck pain, depending on the circumstances of your specific condition. Our doctors and staff are highly trained in diagnosing based on your symptoms.

The cervical conditions we treat include:

If you’ve been experiencing any of these serious symptoms mentioned, making an appointment to receive a proper diagnosis is very important. It can be easy to write off neck pains as something minor, but it could be related to a severe injury. Call us today at (310) 448-7890 to schedule an appointment!

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