Lumbar Spine Conditions in Santa Monica, CA

Are you experiencing lower back pain?

It seems that lower back pain is a condition more and more individuals seem to complain about, and not just the elderly as they get older. Some symptoms of lower back pain may be minor and completely vanish within a short time, such as after exerting yourself more than usual. Other symptoms seem to persist and this can be a sign that a more serious lumbar (lower back) condition exists that should be diagnosed by a medical professional. At Marina Spine Center, we specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of these types of conditions.

Lumbar conditions that we treat include:

What can be done for lumbar pain?

If you’ve been suffering from lower back pain and over-the-counter drugs have not been relieving your symptoms, it may be something more serious. Lower back pain and painful spinal pressure can be relieved in many different ways. Once you’ve been diagnosed by a professional, such as someone on our highly-trained medical team, you will be made aware of your treatment options. Depending on the condition which is diagnosed, it may be easily treated, such as with physical therapy routines or special exercises for strength training.

In most cases, having a lower back operation can reduce suffering from back pain, and often relieve lumbar back pain entirely. Because of how much involvement the lower back has in our movements, exercise, and supporting our body weight, it is especially easy to injure. Sometimes this can even happen without realizing it. Our expert physicians are dedicated to ensuring all conservative treatment options are attempted before we recommend even minimally invasive surgical procedures. To gather more information, contact us today at (310) 448-7890 now!

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