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It’s not uncommon to hear someone complaining about back pain. In fact, a large percentage of individuals, especially Americans, suffer from back pain. This pain can range from a slight discomfort to causing complete disability, depending on the specific condition. Many individuals who suffer from back pain realize they need to consult with a physician, which can often save them years of pain and further degradation. At Marina Spine Center, we are dedicated to helping diagnose and treat conditions that affect the spine, including thoracic (mid-back) pain.

The types of thoracic conditions we treat include:

The vertebrae of the spine are held together by various ligaments, muscles, and tendons. There are discs which fit between the vertebras, keeping them from constantly hitting against one another while moving about. Otherwise, your vertebras might constantly shock each other during activities like running, jumping, or even walking. If something happens to injure any of the crucial parts of your spine, it can cause serious pain and discomfort.

Why see a doctor?

If you have been worried about your developing or chronic back pain, it would be wise to not waste any more time before you see a doctor. You may be able to avoid further pain and injury by consulting with a doctor and becoming educated on what’s causing your symptoms and what can be done about it. There are many forms of treatment, including minimally invasive surgical procedures. Depending on your exact symptoms and circumstance, we may be able to suggest a treatment plan for you, once we’ve consulted with you and done the proper testing. Call us today at (310) 448-7890 to find out more or to set up an appointment!

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