Thoracic Spine Surgery in Santa Monica, CA

Solutions for Thoracic Back Pain

Do you suspect or know that you need back surgery? If so, evaluate the different types of surgical operations available to you by consulting with a knowledgeable, compassionate medical professional. At Marina Spine Center, we fully believe in exhausting all options available before turning to surgery. We care about ensuring the right steps are taken to provide you with relief from your thoracic back pain. If surgery is the correct option, we have the ability to educate you on your various solutions and discuss them with you at length.

What are your different options?

There are a variety of surgical options which are available, including minimally invasive procedures, and more extensive, invasive procedures. The benefit of less invasive procedures is that they tend to have less pain and recovery time involved. Unfortunately, not every condition can be solved with this type of procedure. By making sure you understand your options, we may enable you to decide on the appropriate course of action.

The various types of thoracic surgery we offer include:

Knowing that you have choices may give you immediate relief. Some patients have no idea what they are in for and that on its own can cause quite a bit of stress. We strive to explain your options in an informative manner. To set up a consultation and learn about your options, call us now at (310) 448-7890!

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